The Brief

The Executive centre for the Rotorua Regional Council approached Plico to design a meaningful artwork for a 3 story atrium in it’s newly refurbished customer service centre. A permanent installation in a prominent city building visited frequently by both locals, nationals, and international visitors it needed to identify with New Zealand culture in a meaningful way.

The Execution

For the theme we selected the ‘Kotoku’, New Zealand’s native crane, figured prominently on the $2 coin. We used an original design to create over 100 of the birds with wingspans up to a metre in size. Our experience with large scale aerial installations has resulted in the creation of a unique wire harness that is inserted inside the bird during fabrication and enables us to safely attach cables to them for suspension in public spaces. Groups of the birds were strategically hung from horizontal stainless steel rods, connected to each other with wire cables which enabled the structure to move freely and give the impression of a flock of birds in flight.

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