The Brief

Robert Harris Coffee embarked on a project to bring art to inner city bus shelters.

Each artist was assigned two shelters with the stipulation that paper napkins be used to create the art piece.

The Execution

It was decided to adapt traditional models into the modern design. Butterflies were chosen so they could evolve from an arrangement of tightly packed napkins. The second was an underwater scene. Many tests were conducted to assess the effect of light on the finished pieces.

Who would have thought of a city bus stop shelter as an art gallery?

The advertising agency FCB, certainly did. They saw it as a perfect vehicle to promote their client Robert Harris Coffee and it turned out to be a real success.

The paper folding art form was the perfect fit for this display. The displays are three dimensional which enabled them to be viewed from both inside and outside the shelter.

The progressive folds in the butterfly highlight a unique ability of paper folding to show the process of change in stop-motion steps.

With this interpretation of the ‘step folding technique’ the viewer can readily grasp the transformation of sheet to form.

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