The Brief

Designers of a new, contemporary Japanese restaurant hired Plico to come up with origami design features to compliment the nouveau cuisine the establishment was to offer. The designers had borrowed heavily from the network of crease patterns to be found in paper folded models for the shop frontage. It was the emphasis of this abstract feature as opposed to standard origami creations that set the tone of the brief.

The Execution

We came up with a number of features that made their way through the design process to become part of the restaurant. The most elaborate was a feature wall comprising hundreds of folded paper modules woven into an undulating geometric pattern spanning 3metres x 2metres. The papers were hand-coloured at our studios to a colour swatch chosen by the interior design company and ensured that the finished artwork complimented the entire concept.

Another component Plico brought to the design mix was a unique lampshade design based on the geometric components the designers had incorporated into other features. Fabricated at our Limestone Studio from a high quality lamp-shade material that met fire-code requirements they added yet another clever feature to this innovative eating establishment. Plico also contributed to smaller details of the design brief such as original origami model designs of each of the restaurants four food logos and models of these designs to embellish the decorative wall display behind the counter.

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