The Brief

To create animated models that fold from the company’s newspaper for a television commercial and follow-up billboard campaign.

The Execution

Plico developed a special form of laminated newspaper to create models for a stop motion commercial. The models were then shot for the billboards.

To fold a model of the client’s product can sometimes be challenging.

When it came to a newspaper, in this case the Sunday Star Times, it might appear to be less of a challenge. Well that was not the case.

The Ogilvy and Mather creative team had a very specific concept in mind.

Some of the models were complex to fold and they needed to be manipulated to become part of the animation sequence in the television commercial. To make it easier for the animators, a 3 micron thin layer of aluminium was bonded between two sheets of newspaper to provide a surface capable of holding its shape long after the artist’s hands had let go and it was positioned for the shoot.

The agency commissioned a production house to use the latest animation techniques. The end result was a great TV commercial taking advantage of the stop sequence folding origami can provide so effectively.

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