The Brief

Ethos Orthodontics is one of the largest orthodontic companies in Australia with offices in numerous cities. This progressive organisation hosts an annual retreat for all their staff. Its purpose is to bring employees up to date on changes as well as re-charge their energies in ensuring the company is the best in the field. The event is a mix of informative presentations as well as creative classes in ways to encourage team-work and a greater communication between all staff members. Plico was contacted to devise activities using paper folding that would stimulate the concepts of working together.

The Execution

Attendees were treated to live presentation accompanied by visuals on a digital screen of the intricate art of paper folding, known as Origami before having a chance to try it themselves. Plico selected a very simple design that expanded the more pieces folded were added to it to form an ever expanding multi-layered pyramid. In teams the challenge was to create the largest pyramid in a given time. Simple enough yet it was the teams that were able to work together, delegate various aspects of construction, and execute them in a timely manner that ultimately succeeded.

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