The Brief

Create a set of origami decorations for use in an outdoor childrenā€™s festival. Must be able to be easily dismantled at night, then quickly installed each day of the festival. Imperative that the pieces be able to stand up to the elements, in particular strong winds for which the city of Wellington is renowned for.

The Execution

Because these decorations were to be used in an outdoor setting, where at times the weather can be severe, we chose to fabricate the pieces using thin plastics capable of withstanding the rigours of erratic weather conditions. Whilst we used typical origami patterns these had to be scored rather than folded into the plastic before it could collapseĀ into the desired structure. We also took advantage of the fact that it would more than likely be windy by attaching swivels to the finished components so they could spin freely in the wind. Collections of the pieces were attached on fibre-glass rods to the top of 4m tall poles that screwed into fittings secured in the sidewalk. This enabled the components to be easily removed at night and quickly installed the next day.

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