The Brief

We were approached by Mark McEnnamey from Hit the Mark productions to provide a specific origami prop for an instructional video he was producing for the Brisbane City Council. The instructional video centred around the code of conduct for vessels on the Brisbane River. The ‘Code of Conduct’ a fairly dry document required a creative and entertaining way to be presented to a wide range of people using the river.

The Execution

The script called for a paper boat folded from the actual ‘Code of Conduct’ document. A relatively straightforward task although the title of the document needed to appear as the name of the boat on the bow. Our familiarity with crease pattern designs and the positioning of them enabled us to deliver this requirement effectively. More importantly the boat had to float and withstand moderate conditions on the Brisbane River. To meet this requirement we had to prepare a special sheet of paper that looked like the original document but was reinforced for strength as well as waterproofed to withstand the rigours of being towed behind a Brisbane ferry.

The final component was an on-screen appearance of folding the boat and launching it out on the river. This job was able to take advantage of not only our technical skills in origami fabrication but also our experience at presenting paper folding demonstrations on screen.

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