The Brief

Aerocare is a nationwide service company to the airline industry. When moving to a new corporate headquarters in Brisbane Plico Design was approached to come up with an aerial artwork for their corporate boardroom. The brief called for the piece to have a flight theme. The assignment was unusual as the boardroom was two stories tall and the actual piece was to be viewed both from ground level as well as a 2nd floor mezzanine.

The Execution

Hundreds of small paper doves were folded using the traditional paper folding technique of ‘Origami’. The papers used were of archival quality capable of lasting over a hundred years.

When the folding was complete, each bird was individually coated with an eco-friendly polymer to ensure they were moisture resistant and to enable easy cleaning at some later date. Each bird was then individually suspended on a custom-made frame and strategically positioned. The overall effect of hundreds of suspended doves gave the illusion of a 737 jet-liner soaring through the sky.

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